Learning Targets & Assignments
Be sure to have your student continuously practice their Math Skills on www.ixl.com

Once students log on have them go to recommendations and practice any of the math skills there.

Students have their usernames and passwords, if for some reason they do not, please contact me and I will be sure to give you that information.

Students can also visit www.openupresources.org to practice what we work on in class.

Learning Targets for
Unit 3
  • I can use the constant of proportionality to compare the pace of different animals.
  • I can graph a proportional relationship from a story.
  • I can graph a proportional relationship from an equation.
  • I can tell when two graphs are of the same proportional relationship even if the scales are different.
  • I can scale and label a coordinate axis in order to graph a proportional relationship.
  • I can compare proportional relationships represented in different ways.
  • I can find the rate of change of a linear relationship by figuring out the slope of the line representing the relationship.
  • I can interpret the vertical intercept of a graph of a real-world situation.
  • I can match graphs to the real-world situations they represent by identifying the slope of the vertical intercept.
  • I can write an equation for the relationship between the Toal volume in a graduated cylinder and the number of objects added to the graduated cylinder.
  • I can use patterns to write a linear equation to represent a situation.
  • I can write equations of lines using y=mx+b.
  • I can explain where to find the slope and vertical intercept in both an equation and its graph.
  • I can look at a graph and tell if the slope is positive or negative and explain how I know.
  • I can give an example of a situation that would have a negative slope when graphed.
  • I can describe a line precisely enough that another student can draw it.
  • I can calculate positive and negative slopes given two points on a line.
  • I can write equations of lines that have a positive or negative slope.
  • I can write equations of vertical and horizontal lines.
  • I understand what the solution to an equation in two variables is.
  • I know that the graph of an equation is a visual representation of all the solutions to the equation.
  • I can find solutions (x,y) to linear equations given either the x- or the y-value to start from.


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