MATH: Ms. Hicks

C. Hicks
8th Grade Math

Hicks Photo

My name is Ms. Hicks, and I am responsible for ensuring that your child leaves the 8th grade with the math skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. I have very high expectations for each of my students. My goal is to establish a classroom community that strives for growth,not perfection. By the end of the year, I hope to develop young mathematicians who hold themselves accountable for their own education, can successfully engage in academic discourse, and are not afraid to take risks in an academic setting. I plan to use math as a tool to teach critical thinking skills, perseverance, responsibility, and character.

          Class Schedule
7:30-8:00  Homeroom
8:05-9:00           8th Grade E. L. T. 9:05-10:00 8th Grade Math 10:05-11:05 8th Grade Math 11:10-12:10 8th Grade Math 12:15- 1:50        Planning 1:55- 2:55 8th Grade Math