SCIENCE: Mr. Dennard

Reginal Dennard
7th Grade Science

Hello everyone!! I am Reginal Dennard, Science Teacher at Macon County Middle School. I have been teaching for 13 years. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Math/Science from Albany State University and a Master of Science Degree from Walden University.

Any questions that you may have about your child's grades or  academic progress please email me at or call the school for an appointment.

Class Schedule

  7:30-8:00 Homeroom
  8:05-9:00 7th Grade/ELT
  9:05-10:00 Planning
10:05-11:05 7th Grade Science
11:10-12:10 7th Grade Science 12:15- 1:50       7th Grade Science
  1:55- 2:55 7th Grade Science

                                                     April Assignment Calendar
Dennard Lesson Plan for the month of April 2020.docx2.pdf